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    Zegna Baruffa: one of the leading spinning mills in Europe, displaying highest quality of their worsted yarns excellent service with extensive stock service programmes and technical support for the customers


  • Chiavazza: as a part of the Zegna Bruffa group, Chiavazza offers the same service but only for woollen yarns such as Cashmere and Lambswool or premium blends


  • Botto Poala: also a part of Zegna Baruffa Group, Botto POala offers premium superfine merinos and the finest cashmere fibres in beautiful worsted yarns


  • Schoeller: leading in ecological, technological and innovative aspects of yarn, Schoeller offers a wide range of worsted yarnsw fo fshion, sports and the technical area

  • Marchi & Fildi: natural and artificial fibres, commercial basic yarns, with diverse stockservice programmes


  • Emilcotoni: the finest cottons in one collection, such as Sea Island, Suivin, Giza or Pima cotton, with extensive stock service programmes

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